How to be Liked, Trusted, and Remembered in a 24-Hour Busy Digital World

In today’s constantly growing digital world, it can be difficult to be liked, trusted, and remembered, especially online. In “How to be Liked, Trusted, and Remembered in a 24-Hour Busy Digital World”, Brandon Lee offers simple, actionable tips that will help you elevate your relationship success and make you stand out both online or in real life. Brandon helps you tackle two very important obstacles or questions that you have to answer first when it comes to Social Media and Content Marketing.

Are you really ready and do you really want to be a “public figure”?

Using social media to grow your business means that you ARE a public figure and you need to embrace all that comes with it: the negative, the haters, the exposure, the reality that people will judge, comment and take pop shots. I BELIEVE that this is what really holds up most people when it comes to being an entrepreneur and using social media and content marketing for their personal brands and businesses.  The benefits of entrepreneurship, social media, and content marketing are huge but they come with a price.  People have to decide IF their personal goals and their “why” are really worth that expense. If they are, then we need to go to the next question.  If they are not, then they should stop, turn around and go back and figure out what they really really want.

If you answered “Yes” above, what do you need to be successful then?

I contend that people need an M.A.P.  It is an M.A.P that gives the intentional activities that grows their confidence in what they are doing and how they are doing it.  The result is haters, negative people and naysayers comments will roll off their backs like water on a duck. They will stay focused, consistent and THEIR audience who needs them WILL find them, support them, love them and they will discover peaceful success. Peaceful does not mean easy. It means peace in the process because of confidence, focus and purpose ARE ALWAYS more powerful than negativity.

More Books by Brandon Lee – Coming Soon!

Brandon Lee is currently working on an e-book called “99 Powerful Questions for Business Owners and Leaders” that is scheduled to be completed in May 2017. 99 Powerful Questions helps entrepreneurs and business owners to ask themselves tough questions that will identify opportunities for growth, efficiency, and freedom.

Another e-book by Brandon Lee, called “M.A.P. for Entrepreneur Success” is scheduled for release in Spring of 2018. “M.A.P. for Entrepreneur Success” uses the framework of using Mindset, Awareness, and Path, to help entrepreneurs and leaders put daily strategies in place to achieve goals. The powerful messages in these books are the foundation for the speaking engagements that Brandon Lee does all over the United States.