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Buyers have changed and your prospecting activities must change too.

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What is Social Prospecting?

Social prospecting complements existing cold calling and email cadence playbooks.

Social prospecting is using LinkedIn to create conversation opportunities with your prospects that earn customer conversations faster.

Hi I'm Brandon Lee

I have spent the past 20+ years creating sales solutions for individuals and teams. When I started my first company, I took the opportunity to do sales differently than I learned from my previous, corporate role as a sales professional and eventually a sales leader.

Sales is about earning opportunities to sell. Sales professionals earn the right to book a meeting with clients when the prospects feels the sales professional can add value to their buying journey and ultimately a solution they select. Sales has always been about being Known, Liked and Trusted. That is how buyers willingly offer their time to sales professionals.

I have spent my career creating sales systems that get results.

Tackle the obstacles standing between you and your sales success!


My technology company that offers the most comprehensive and easiest way to use social media to win more deals.

Digital Selling Coaching

I have spent the past 5 years training and coaching sales professionals and business leaders how to use digital platforms to increase revenues.


Sharing my knowledge and insight with others is one of my passions, so I offer seminars and workshops for groups both large and small.

Ready to take your sales to new levels?

I have dedicated my career to helping sales professionals be more successful.

As a business owner, I knew success was based on creating value for customers and a sales playbook that helped buyers make confident decisions. My passion is sales systems and helping companies and individuals grow.

How can help you are your team increases revenues with modern, LinkedIn sales systems that get real results?

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