Transforming Sales with Digital Platforms  

The 2020's Call for New Selling Processes

Don’t send 2019 trained sales professionals into a 2022 world. Buyers have changed and your prospecting activities must change too. Buyers don’t want to talk to sales reps. They demand trusted advisors. Your team needs to perform digital communication activities in order to be known, liked and trusted in your industry.


Workshops are designed to help your team create a strategy for using digital to dominate your industry's newsfeed


Bootcamps are a 10-week intensive program to equip your teams to use digital for prospecting and closing deals.

Sales Processes

Doing everything from passion, from lightness, from peace, from abundance and joy.

Over the past four years of training sales teams around the world, we learned there are 3 key daily activities necessary for digital selling success. There was not a technology available to help teams perform these actions while also allowing leadership to capture digital and social KPI’s. So we created the platform all digital teams need to be more consistent and more successful.


About Brandon Lee

Brandon has been a sales trainer and sales process leader for over 20 year. He helps business create digital communication strategies and  trains B2B sales teams for digital selling success. He is currently the Founder & CEO of FunnelAmplified.


Speaking Engagements

Brandon is a dynamic speaker who brings humor to share the failures and successes in digital selling.  Let Brandon keynote your next virtual event or lead a webinar on the latest digital selling trends for real revenue results for 2022 and beyond. 

The Digital Influence Show & YouTube Series


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