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Most business and sales leaders are frustrated with forecasts and uncertainty in sales pipeline. Most frustrations are because buyers have changed and sales tactics have not changed to match them.

That's the simple answer.

How do teams create predictable revenue and have confidence in their forecasts when cold calling and emails no longer create consistency in pipeline? Sales teams need a buyer-centric sales program that unsticks pipeline and creates a modern forecast model that gives confidence to business leaders.

The Corporate VIP Program

Some teams prefer starting with an online training program. That is why we created the Corporate VIP Program.

I serve teams with a private, custom training space within our larger community ModernSellerHQ.com. This provides teams with a training space that is exclusively to them and their team.

We provide live weekly training sessions and live Q&A sessions designed specifically for your team and your challenges. All sessions are recorded for future use and available 24/7.

The data varies by company but the averages are a 40% increase in first conversations within 60 days. 200%+ increase in accepted connection requests and a 30% acceleration in deal cycle. 

If your team is not ready for a fractional engagement, consider joining my weekly Inner Circle training program that is ideal for individual sales producers and small teams. It provides the same training but available for anyone looking to increase their digital selling skills and tactics.

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Episodic Content Flywheel

"Everyone has a show or podcast!"
Did you know the average live show or podcast only has 7 episodes? This means a lot of people start them, but they don't know how to use them to drive real revenues. That is where we help!

Leveraging my experience with my own highly rated live show and podcast, Social Selling for Newbies, we created a system that leverages show content for highly engaging, lead generating material to dominate your industry.

If your marketing efforts are not as effective as they use to be, it is because modern buyers don't like lead forms or being on your email list. They simply don't want more messages in their inbox.

Let us help create, produce and manage your show. Our customers spend about an hour per week on their show while our team does the rest for you.


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I have been helping companies grow revenues for over 20 years. My experience is in predictable revenue, sales enablement, go-to-market systems, sales training and I have become one of the top influential voices in digital sales and social selling over the past 7 years.  My show Social Selling for Newbies has recently been ranked #4 in must listen to shows on social selling for b2b sellers.