The Digital Influence Show is my original podcast. I share all things in growing your network, building relationships and expanding relationships through modern, digital tools.

I am a co-host of Social Selling for Newbies. All social selling is new and we are all learning together. We share insights and experiences for a variety of industries and company sizes. Carson is the #1 social seller for Microsoft and the host of The Salesman on Fire show. Tom Burton is a marketer and engineer and the author of The Revenue Zone.

Social Selling for Newbies Kickoff Episode

There is a lot more conversation around social selling now than ever. We are all newbies too.
We all want this show and community to become a huge resource and help anyone or any team looking for adding social selling to their outreach and sales processes. So, we really hope this is as fun and beneficial for you all as we hope it will be for us.
We have partnered together to launch Social Selling for Newbies. Come join the conversation with your comments. Share with any of us topics that are most important to you.

We will do our best to add them to our topics list. Social Selling Newbie Nation Unite. 😀

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The Evolution of Social Selling & Why It Is More Important Now Than Ever

Alexander Low is an early adopter and pioneer in #socialselling. Join us and we ask Alexander what is new in social selling after Covid and why it is so important for companies to start with a social initiative as soon as possible.

Launching a Podcast and What it Could Mean for Your Business Growth

With guest, Christian Klepp

Christian Klepp has a great voice for radio. But, he wasn't sure if launching a podcast was the right move to help grow his influence and increase his personal sales.

Join me as I interview Christian and he shares his journey, the challenges and the benefits of hosting a podcast.

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A Career Sales Professional Talks Digital Selling & His Two Year Journey with it

With guest, Trevor van Woerden

Trevor Van Woerden has been in sales for his 20+ year career. He knows it takes hard work, persistence and always finding better ways to engage prospects and start conversations. He shares his journey over the last 2+ years with digital and social - the good, the bad and the challenging. Join us and come share about your own experiences.

Selecting the Right Tech Stack for Digital Selling and Sales Enablement

with guest, Bill Walton

Bill is the EVP of Sales - Digital Sales Enablement and Education at Ascend Advisors. He will discuss digital selling, selecting the best tech stack and training sales teams for digital client acquisition.

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How Traditional Industries, like Printing Can Transition to Digital for Front Facing Teams

With guest, Kelly Mallozzi

Kelly knows print. She knows the printing industry. She also knows printers are a bit behind when it comes to digital transformation for front-facing teams.

For manufacturing, finance and operations, these industries have embraced digital well. But, what about sales and customer success? Not so much. Kelly will share insights into the challenges and opportunities traditional industries have to move the front facing team to digital.

Using Social to Meet New Prospects

with guest John Henderson

I am joined by John Henderson from ActiveOps who shares about his experiences using social as a channel (or tool) for pipeline generation, revenue creation and serving his customers! He shares his experiences after only 1 month of implementing a completely new approach for him.

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