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LinkedIn has become a MUST HAVE instead of a nice to have. But, busy leaders don't have the time to learn how to use it best nor the time to consistently engage and build their personal brands.

Don't worry. I got you covered. My team and I have created new AI tools that allow us to replicate your voice and style. We create a strategic plan for daily publishing and commenting to put your brand at the middle of your industry.

Commenting is a more important daily tactic than publishing posts alone! Commenting allows your voice and personal brand to publish in front of a much wider audience. That is why we created our commenting assessment tool.

Using a simple AI-based assessment tool, we discover each clients commenting "voice" or style. This allows us to strategically comment on industry posts to keep your personal and business brand in the center of industry conversations every day.

In addition to daily commenting, we create 1 high-quality post for you each week. This helps amplify your voice and value proposition to your industry and especially for your company’s ideal customers.

With a proven strategy, we use posts to actively engage your ideal customers and industry influencers to maximize reach and engagements.

Weekly reports to keep you updated and informed.

Every week our system provides a detailed engagement report. Reports include comments we made for you and links to each post so you can easily access, review or go back to the post and make more comments.

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I have been helping companies grow revenues for over 20 years. My experience is in sales enablement, go-to-market systems, sales training and I have become one of the top voices in digital sales and social selling over the past 7 years.