Digital Selling & Social Prospecting Training

The world has changed. It's time for digital selling. Meeting prospects and booking meetings is more than just sending connection requests. I have coached 1000's of sales professionals with data-driven, proven results.

I no longer offer 1:1 coaching. I offer custom programs for teams of all sizes. If you are an individual who is interested live coaching. inquire about the twice a year "Open Class" that includes 12 individuals in a 10 week live training and private 1:1 coaching.

Or, check out The Digital Influence Academy below for my pre-recorded, self navigating options.

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Digital Workshops

When the global pandemic changed how we communicate with clients, a lot of companies started using more email and more calls. The problem is. prospects and clients have been inundated with them and they are losing their effectiveness.

It's time to go digital! But, what does that look like? If you don't know where to start, what is possible or if it is valuable for your market, a Digital Workshop is a great place to start. Invest in learning what digital can mean for. your business, communicating with clients and prospects and even using it for company culture and retention.

The Digital Workshop is designed for senior leadership to learn, assess and determine if and how a digital adoption will best serve your business.

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The Digital Influence Academy

The academy is ideal for sales professionals, sales leaders and business owners who want to start small with digital selling and social prospecting. Choose from a variety of focused programs to meet specific needs like LinkedIn profile makeovers, social prospecting, sending connection requests that get accepted and others.

Or, choose longer programs that take participants through a complete digital selling and social prospecting program.

Programs start at $49


I bring laughter, insights and actionable steps to every speaking engagement. My sessions are lively, fun and include a lot of dad jokes.

Sales can be frustrating. Learning new ways to use digital tools and social media to win more deals needs to be fun and offer simple, valuable action steps for every audience member.

Whether you need one of my existing talks or webinars or you would like me to customize a message for your next event, I am happy to create a program to help make your event a huge success.

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As a business owner, I have always put myself in the role to lead sales and marketing teams. Sales is not successful without a coordinate effort between these two departments.

I can help you create a successful go-to-market strategy or revamp your sales playbook that takes into account the changes with modern buyers. I believe the sales and marketing teams need to become 1 team, with the same goals and compensated based on successes and not activity.

As a consult, I can analyze your existing sales strategy, quickly understand your unique value proposition and help you and your team develop new systems that align with modern buyers.