The Social Selling & Digital Influence Academy

The academy is ideal for sales professionals, sales leaders and business owners who want to incorporate modern outreach and sales activities with their existing sales processes.

I specialize in social prospecting and digital selling. However, I know that many of my clients need more than just these two areas. That is why I have partnered with several other industry leaders with the Turbo Training program. The Turbo Training program provides a wide variety of e-learning programs in all things social and digital.

Whether you choose my training programs or any of my vetted partners, you will get top quality training that is designed for immediate application for your business' success.

Programs start at $29

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Private Team Training

The world has changed. It's time for social prospecting and digital selling. Meeting prospects and booking meetings is more than just sending connection requests. I have coached 1,000's of sales professionals with data-driven, proven results.

If you are interested in a custom designed program for your sales team or organization, I would be happy to work with you to help you met your specific goals.

Or, check out Social Outreach Quick Start training.


If it is time for your business to go social, virtual and digital for sales and customer success, a workshop might be the right place to start.

Whether you choose a live or virtual event, I can create a program to help your team learn about new opportunities. I will demonstrate how companies are using digital channels for revenue creation and client success and help your team consider new systems.

The Digital Workshop is designed for senior leadership to learn, assess and determine if and how a digital and social adoption will best serve your business.

Invest in learning what digital can mean for your business, communicating with clients and prospects and even using it for company culture and retention.

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I bring laughter, stories, insights and actionable steps to every speaking engagement. My sessions are lively, fun and include a lot of dad jokes.

Change and new technologies can be frustrating. I bring real life examples, case studies and data to help educate and cast vision for potential new systems.

Whether you need one of my existing talks or webinars or you would like me to customize a message for your next event, I am happy to create a program to help make your event a huge success.

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As a business owner, I have always put myself in the role to lead sales and marketing teams. Sales is not successful without a coordinated effort between these two departments.

I can help create a successful go-to-market strategy or revamp an existing sales playbook that takes into account the changes with modern buyers. Revenue generation activities are under incredible stress. The tools and tactics that had served us so well for the past 20 years are waning in efficacy.

As a sales consultant, I can analyze existing sales strategies, review sales operations and help evaluate new tools to help your team make a confident decision. If you, like many other business owners and sales leaders, find your existing sales and marketing tactics are not measuring as well as the have in previous years, I understand the frustration and believe I can help.