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Did you know that most shows never make it past 7 episodes. People get discouraged from low turnout and quit before they ever get started.

Live shows and podcasts are not about monetization. They are about creating content that opens doors for prospect conversations. It is time to re-think digital marketing with episodic content.

When I launched my show, Social Selling for Newbies I was like most hosts. I was frustrated and ready to quit. But, then something happened. We started using our episode recordings and show snippets to share with prospects via social media and email marketing.

Let us help you create and produce a weekly or bi-monthly show that helps build your brand and start new customer conversations.

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My recent success is directly related to the success of my show, Social Selling for Newbies. I only spend 1-hour per week of my personal time on my show. But, it is the strategy that creates the most demand and starts the most customer conversations. Let me and my team help you do the same.