Get Prospects on Calls with a Social Outreach System

If you are like most sales professionals, cold calls and cold email outreach is not producing results like you have experienced in the past. That's OK. We have a solution for you.

The Future is Social Outreach

If you want a successful sales career, you need a strategic social outreach system

What You Get With Social Outreach

How Buyers buy has changed. So should your outreach strategy.

Buyers choose who to speak with

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Consistent social activity creates demand

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Social Outreach Quick Start Program

Learn and implement daily social media activities to earn more meetings with ideal customers. Bring your top 100 prospects and within 8 weeks, on average, students earn 32 new customer conversations.

Bite-Sized Training
Successful training is all about execution. We skip a lot of the education and jump right into the execution. After all, as a sales professional, you just need a system that works. Most videos are between 5-8 minutes long and include worksheets, templates, and simple "how-to" instructions.

A Repeatable Process

You have tried guessing your way through social selling. You may have even tried publishing great posts regularly and still not get new sales opportunities. Each course and module provides simple, practical action steps for repeatable, proven, daily activities that generate client calls.

Easy-To-Use Platform
When I first started coaching sales professionals, we had hard to use Excel spreadsheets with multiple clicks to find the prospect's most recent post activity. With our proprietary software, you can access your prospects' most recent post activity with one-click. It saves time and helps you streamline your daily social engagement activity. Plus, our system with document and validate your social efforts so you know which actions have the most impact on revenue.

Social Post Creation Tool
"I am not sure what to write!" After hearing this for several years, we knew we had to create something to help sales professionals have confidence in their social posts and connection notifications. That is why we created Magic Writer and our notification templates. After the 8-week program, you will create and publish highly engaging social posts and increase your connections like never before.

Is the Social Outreach System Right For You?

Our Ideal Customers Fall Into One Of These Categories

Course Agenda

Meet Your Coach

Hey everyone. I am Brandon Lee.

You see the grey in my beard? I earned them.
I have been a sales professional, sales leader, entrepreneur and coach for the past 25+ years.
Bottom line for me is that I love to coach and help others be more successful.

I know this may sound a bit silly, but when I was a kid, my dad was a small business owner. He was also always stressed out which made him angry and hard to be around. I always felt bad for him and hoped that someday I could help sales professionals and business owners do their daily tasks better, more efficiently, and earn more money. I have been very blessed to have been able to do this throughout my career.

Whether I was leading sales team or creating companies that supported sales professionals, my passion is to help you make more money in the more efficient way possible. Now, that said, sales are freakin' hard work. What I train is not some "easy button" that makes sales magically happen. Those are like leprechauns and unicorns. Although they would be really cool, this just doesn't exist.

But, if you are tired of cold calling and sending cold emails but you still want to crush your quota, I have a program for you. It has worked for all my customers and I know it can work for you. This is not some #socialselling program where I help you become a Linkedin expert. NO!

What we do is replace the telephone and email for your cold outreach with your social media behavior. This means you learn to publish posts and comment on other people's posts in a daily, strategic cadence that will earn warm first meetings with your ideal customers.

Let's Do This


E-Learning lets you work at your own pace. However, sometimes you have questions or just need a little extra help. No problem! I got your back!

Join live coaching sessions with me every week. It is your opportunity to learn with others and ask specific questions.
All sessions are recorded and give you 24/7 access to all live sessions during the Quick Start program.

Next Class Begins

November 9, 2022


Why do you say #SocialSelling Sucks if you are a social selling coach?

There are too many so-called experts that have sold training programs that make social selling seem like it’s a magic bullet. Too many of my clients have been let down by training programs that have taught features and functions without any real results.

What is social outreach?

For generations sales professionals have used the term outreach for the early stages of the selling process. I define outreach as the stage to introduce ourselves and meet our ideal prospects. This stage is very strategic because we want to focus our efforts to meet and build rapport with individuals who are most likely to purchase our products. Social outreach is exactly the same. It is using our social media profiles and activities strategically, to earn the opportunity to meet, build rapport and earn a first conversation with ideal customers. 

What can I expect to apply in the 8-week program?

Results vary because each student has to apply what they learn and spend time learning. But, on average, my customers earn 28 new, first conversations with prospects from their top 100 list within the 8-week program.

You will also walk away with a new outreach system that compliments phone and email activities.

How will this training help me?

The biggest challenge for sales professionals is getting the the first meeting. This program is designed from proven activities that generate first conversations with your best customer opportunities.


I want to make sure you understand that this program is not a get-rich-quick offer or any sort of magic bullet that will fill your inbox with purchase orders. This is a sales outreach system applied to social media platforms.

Outreach has never been easy. I spent the first year of my sales career learning new ways of being rejected by prospective customers. When I learned the expression, "your prospects don't care about what you know until they know that you care" and saw it play out in front of me a few times, I changed my entire sales outreach process. I have spent my career mastering how to create outreach activities that develop a rapport that leads to first conversations.

The results I have received throughout my career may not be typical. I have been fortunate to start and build several multi-million dollar companies using similar sales outreach systems that I train with the Social Outreach System. My offering is an education program to teach a method I've used to create initial calls and zoom meetings with ideal customers using social media.

My goal is for you to focus on your top 100 prospects to earn at least 25 new conversations within our 8-week program. I don't guarantee that you will accomplish this because it depends on you to do the work. I can make this promise though. The cadences, social commenting, social publishing, and connection messages I will teach you, are the exact systems I have used for years (adapted to different communication channels) and have served me well throughout my 26-year career. My students who follow the cadence earn at least 25 new conversations in their 8-weeks working with me and continue to find success simply by implementing this system daily.

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