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Brandon lee digital selling coach
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Are you looking to improve digital selling skills and drive more sales? Digital tactics like LinkedIn don't replace existing sales motions like calls and emails. They enhance the effectiveness of them.

I am the co-host of Social Selling for Newbies Live show and podcast and a co-founder of ModernSellerHQ.com. I am a top LinkedIn voice for 2022 and have helped coach 1,000's of sales professionals since 2018.

I work with teams to identify unique challenges and goals and provide personalized coaching sessions that are tailored to your needs. I specialize is helping experienced sales professionals learn how to adapt their previous successful sales motions into modern, digital channels like LinkedIn.

Whether you need help with social prospecting, social selling, content marketing, or email marketing, I have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

The Corporate VIP Program

As a fractional digital selling coach. I serve teams with a private training space with live weekly training sessions and live Q&A sessions. All sessions are recorded for future use. Programs are tailored to the teams needs and goals.

I come alongside sales leaders to identify the sales teams biggest challenges like creating first conversations, nurturing existing leads and moving an opportunity to close. I support their existing outreach and communication channels like calls and emails with LinkedIn tactics that increase customer conversations and accelerate sales cycles. 

The data varies by company but the averages are a 40% increase in first conversations within 60 days. 200%+ increase in accepted connection requests and a 30% acceleration in deal cycle. 

If your team is not ready for a fractional engagement, consider joining my weekly Inner Circle training program that is ideal for individual sales producers and small teams. It provides the same training but available for anyone looking to increase their digital selling skills and tactics.


Episodic Content Flywheel

The founder of Modern PT, Lynn is dedicated to the wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. Lynn opened this center 10 years ago to be a caring, communicative haven for people of all ages to address their pain. When Lynn isn't using her magic touch to ease pain and increase range of motion, she's attending classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address her patients' needs.  

Schedule a tour to see Lynn's novel approach to physical therapy.

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Ready-to-Publish Social

The biggest obstacle to a successful social media marketing and selling program is knowing what to post and then consistently creating and publishing posts.

This is no longer a problem with our ready-to-publish social media program. Your members will feel like LinkedIn pros instantly.

Our proprietary technology makes even the most technology challenged professional an instant social selling rockstar. Users get 2-3 alerts per week directly on their mobile device.

After a quick review, they simple choose green to publish and red to dismiss. It's that easy.

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I have been helping companies grow revenues for over 20 years. My experience is in sales enablement, go-to-market systems, sales training and I have become one of the top voices in digital sales and social selling over the past 7 years.