Brandon Lee |


I started my first company with a childhood friend at age 8, making chocolate lollipops and selling them door-to-door (we quickly learned about profit, loss, and the cost of goods sold when my friend’s Mom caught us using all of her supplies). From there, I evolved into having a paper route, to later creating and selling three companies, and being the Founder and CEO of Yip Yip, Inc. today. Through it all, I have found that entrepreneurship is a frame of mind (even if you are not a business owner)!

As a parent with my lovely wife, Meghan to 5 children ages 4-17, I am challenged daily on how to connect the dots between entrepreneurship and family, strategies and systems, and creating revenue growth in both business and life. This is where I have found the “Sweet Spot” and why I want to share it with other business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs like you! I have experienced first-hand what happens when we don’t have the solutions or focus to staying on the path. But, most importantly, how connecting your dots in life leads to creating a magnificent masterpiece.

Ever since I was a kid,
I have had a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Brandon and his family